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The Roux in the Gumbo, A Civil Right To Love & Food for the Soul

"A true love was born when my grandmother told me that someone should write her life story in 1993.

Who would have thought it would be me? Now six novels later I am still writing."

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The Roux In The Gumbo

The Roux in the Gumbo is emotional and inspirational, telling the story of a Louisana family spanning the generations from the era of slavery to the present day. You will read of the romances, challenges and adventures they experience as their lives are intertwined by one common goal - basic survival during the reconstruction era in Louisiana. View Book

Street Life to Housewife

What makes a girl take to the streets. Read the Cinderella story that leads her to a life as a motivational speaker, inspiring abused women and teens. Know that if she can survive her abuse and help others so can you. Sparkle maneuvers through the underworld, looking for love and trying to hold on to her sanity as it is threatened by childhood demons that ultimately surface. View Book

Street Life To Housewife 2

Kim has a nine to five job; starting down a new road, but still traveling with her bad habits. She has to put up with a contentious supervisor. Kim finds herself pregnant. Wanting to keep the baby, although not the father so much, she is content to do nothing; leaving it all to hope as it usually sorts itself out. Tim is the next man who tosses her whole life upside down she lands in a Texas jail. Kim has no one to help her out. Despite a past filled with lessons learned on unforgiving streets, a present that’s dark, a future that’s a shade lighter than bleak. Kim finds herself in Oahu, Hawaii. She has choices to make and a son to consider as the past debts of a hard life come due. View Book

A Civil Right To Love

Bernadine lost her husband, and the father of her children to the war. Theresa takes care of Bernie's family while she works as a housekeeper, cook and nanny. When Theresa's man vanishes Bernie goes to her boss for help, he turns to a private investigator, Charles Simonson to uncover what is going on. When Charlie and Bernadine meet their attraction to one another is strong, but is it enough to face the world during the turbulent 1940's, when interracial relationships are taboo. View Book

Food For The Soul

A compilation of 'The Best of the Best' recipes submitted by 200 authors and friends from around the World, which features excerpts from their books. View Book

Sweet Satisfaction Desserts & Drinks

Recipe book featuring over 100 authors and excerpts from their books for desserts and drinks. A sequel to "Food for the Soul - Recipes from around the World." View Book

Trinity of Generations

Travel through five generations with Kim Robinson as she details an account of her family history starting with The Roux in the Gumbo in Louisiana with all it's southern flair and succulent cuisine and colorful characters. The novel migrates to California in the 1940's. Feel the support that enabled this families to not only survive but succeed in a turbulent depressed era that was wracked with racial issues and war. In the two following books the characters you fell in love with are raising their next generations who have a whole different set of obstacles to hurdle. These books are a labor of love, written from family memories. Enjoy. View Book
Food for the Soul
Recipes from the World
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Every action brings about a reaction

Every person is put on this earth for a purpose

Find yours and excel in it, whatever it may be

Remember that everything you do God can see

Check out my books, meet my ancestors!

My books originate from family history and dreams. My writing is God’s way of enabling me to help others.

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The Roux in the Gumbo

This is more than an ingredient in a recipe. Spanning 1865 to 1997, the book is my great-grandmother and grandmother’s life story, as told by her before she passed. It is accompanied by the memories of family members and friends. I have added just a dash of fiction to give it more flavor. Based in Louisiana, with all its flair and Southern culture, it describes the experiences throughout history, contributing to the shaping of the generations.