Food for the Soul – Recipes from around the World is being revived into an interactive website that will feature authors, businesses, book clubs and their favorite recipes. A place where literary professionals can post their books with videos, Utube links, and photos on their recipe pages. You have to have a recipe to go with each submission and please edit because your page represents you. With the help of my webmistress, Monica Kelly we will have a place where the reading public can peruse your showcased work without having it disappear on the social media feed. Hey, everyone eats, why not get closer to the authors you love while experiencing the best of the best of their recipes?  

God Ain’t Spelled Government, is a novel I have been writing since 1997 and am very excited to be stepping out of the box on my goal to have a book in every genre. This Sci-Fi novel is about the alumni of Dominguez High School, Class of ’1977 who are being assassinated and no one knows why. I describe it as “Independence Day, Enemy of the State meets Compton.

Also Thieves in the Night, which is going to be a young adult series about the dangers of human trafficking. Our youth does not realize that trafficking, be it for sex, free labor or human body

parts, is currently making more money than guns and drugs combined. Hopefully this series will open some young eyes to one of the most prevalent dangers in our world today.

A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine – This murder mystery is going to feature a needle and thread and a Glock Nine on the cover. Can’t wait to see what happens in this series about a seamstress who is always dealing with drama.

A Civil Right To Love 2 – The sequel to the Bernardine, Simon, Theresa and Gordon face new challenges in the 1950’s where multicultural relationships are taboo, and to double the trouble guess which one of your favorite characters who you love to hate returns, Rosa Lee.

G-mama – Connected to my current title, A Civil Right To Love, where in Gloria has grown up and see’s everything that goes on in the neighborhood of Compton. She has done and seen some things in her life to survive to the ripe old age of sixty, and it was not an easy adventure. She sits on her porch in her mom’s old rocking chair, electric lemonade in one hand and homegrown blunt in the other. She doles out pearls of wisdom and a helping hand to anyone who needs it. 

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