Dallas Geek Spotlight Interview

For this week’s Spotlight Sunday segment, we bring you Kim Robinson & her unique take on historical fiction! Her first book, The Roux in the Gumbo, is a unique take on the southern United States during the Reconstruction era where Kim used the stories of her own family as inspiration for this tale of love & hardship in Louisiana. Her love for her family was so influential to her that their lives continued to invigorate the stories of her next two sequels, as well as garner quite the following of dedicated readers. The rest of her books have continued the theme of analyzing the multicultural nature of life, using every genre from romance to mystery to help tell her stories. If you are a fan of the human experience & want characters you can really dig into, then Kim’s books are definitely for you!

This interview was done at the Marriott in Los Colinas during the annual Authors Marketing Event presented by Texas Authors. If you are an aspiring or independent author who would like to learn more about how to market yourself using social media & the internet, be sure to check out the links below.

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